Neville acquittal stirs emotions on both sides

Steven Neville (right) speaks to reporters Friday outside Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court in St.John's as one of his defence lawyers,Bob Buckinghamlooks on.
Steven Neville (right) speaks to reporters Friday outside Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court in St.John's as one of his defence lawyers,Bob Buckinghamlooks on.- Joe Gibbons


Steven Neville blew out the long breath he had been holding as he sat,这是他三个月前开始受审以来的第一次,在被告席上,而不是在律师旁边的座位上,听到自己宣布无罪。

他咧嘴一笑,which quickly disappeared as he turned over his left shoulder to look at the loved ones of Doug Flynn and Ryan Dwyer in the gallery,因为同样的原因哭泣,内维尔欣喜若狂。

经过纽芬兰和拉布拉多最高法院长达近11周的审判,经过近九天的陪审团审议,Neville,27,因19岁的道格·弗林和另一名男子被致命刺伤而被判二级谋杀和谋杀未遂罪名不成立,Ryan Dwyer,in 2010.

A man sitting with Flynn and Dwyer's family members got up and left the courtroom as the verdict was announced,其他人互相安慰,哭成纸巾。

"Why?" one woman said to herself,leaning over in her seat in tears.

内维尔家的一些人哭了,同样,relieved that Neville was free to leave the courthouse,没有指控。

法庭后,Neville's lawyer,Bob Buckinghamtold members of the media it was a day of relief for his client,但不是庆祝的日子。

白金汉说:“在这次事件中,我们仍然有一个人死亡。”"I know it's difficult for Mr.Flynn's family.This is an unfortunate event that happened with a bunch of young people many years ago,and Mr.Neville gets the opportunity to get on with his life,and the other individual does not.很不幸。It's sad.但在一天结束的时候,先生。Neville is not a criminal because of what happened here.


在他对陪审团的开幕式和闭幕式陈述中,Buckingham described incidents where Flynn and Dwyer had reportedly chased Neville in vehicles,威胁社会媒体攻击他的母亲,并试图用铜指关节等武器攻击他,棒球棒,刀子和松饼。

On the night they were stabbed,弗林和德怀尔来到内维尔时,一直在执行“搜索和摧毁”任务,白金汉说。

Prosecutors Jessica Gallant and Jason House presented evidence at trial they said proved Neville had planned to murder Flynn and Dwyer,including text messages he had sent to a friend on the day of the stabbing,说他要刺伤这两个人,他们“死了,死了,死了。”

"This wasn't a slam dunk,by any stretch of the imagination,given we had a jury out for nine days," Buckingham told reporters of Neville's acquittal.

Buckingham said he wasn't surprised with the not guilty verdict.

"I'm the only one in town who would probably say that,但是没有。My team will tell you that I was overly optimistic,天上的馅饼,wasn't in touch with reality," the lawyer said."But I was happy with the strategy we developed."

It's been a long process for families on both sides of the case.Neville was charged and originally convicted of second-degree murder by a jury in 2013,但后来加拿大最高法院推翻了这一判决,which took issue with aspects of the original judge's instructions to the jurors — specifically,他对陪审团问题的回答。

"We realize this may be a ridiculous question,but we would like to clarify that the legal definition of ‘to kill' is the same as ‘to murder,' the jury asked.该国高等法院裁定,法官应该回答这个问题,而不是让陪审员审查他已经提供的信息。

A new trial was ordered and Neville was eventually released on bail,but not before spending 5 ½ years in prison.Neville was back in custody briefly this past summer,when he was charged with assaulting a woman,distributing an intimate image of her and breaching his bail conditions in October and December of 2017.Those charges are still before the court.


While his happy family members watched off-camera,内维尔站在他的律师中间,在他离开法院前对记者们讲话。他说他在重型设备操作方面有证书,并期待着开始工作。spending Christmas with his family and friends,拥有“美好的未来”。